Yes! Our phones such as Samsung phones, Apple iPhones and all our used and refurbished phones are fully tested and come with PhoneCheck certification to show full functionality. Our return rate for defects is less than 1%.

Tracking number will always be sent inside the final invoice sent to your email.

In the final invoice sent to your email.

Warranty is 30 days from the date of shipping.

We will not accept paypal but will accept credit cards.

You will only get it on Saturday if you specifically ask for Saturday delivery. This will be an additional cost to regular overnight shipping. We do not guarantee a specific delivery date. We do guarantee a specific shipping date.

No, we do not provide refunds. In the case we are unable to replace your defective merchandise we will provide you with an alternative or a credit to use towards your next purchase.

For regular customers that have purchased multiple transactions we provide a password or grant an access to the price lists on our website. For new or potential customers please contact your sales rep for a price list. This is to ensure that we remain competitive and that our competitors do not undercut us.

We stick with the pricelist and advertised specials in almost all cases. That being said if you are a bulk buyer please contact your sales rep for bulk pricing. 

We currently offer a free shipping promo to 1st time buyers who purchase over $2,000.

No, our phones come HSO ( Handset Only ) . We also offer usb cables and cubes if there is a need, for an additional cost. 

We carry Verizon + GSM Unlocked phones. These are based on availability and go off the same price list. They are an additional $10 for phones over $100 and an additional $5 for phones less than $100